State of florida divorce mediation

Court-Certified Mediator Qualification Requirements in the US

Often, this requires a give and take process between parties. Successful mediation likely involves a series of concessions from both sides. Skillful settlement negotiation can sometimes lead to satisfactory solutions without ever going through the arduous process of full litigation.

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  • Divorce Mediation Basics!

We will work closely with mediators to both represent your legal goals and reach any suitable agreement. Through our extensive background, we are prepared to help you capitalize on the opportunity mediation provides. Should your mediation conclude with an agreement, a small number of additional steps exist before finalizing the judgement. All parties will sign appropriate documentation for court submission.

Gainesville Divorce Mediators - A Friendly Divorce : A Friendly Divorce

A Florida court will review said documentation to ensure statute requirements have been met. Only then, will a judge approve of the negotiated terms and proceed with final judgement. Our Florida divorce mediation lawyers understand the importance of effective negotiation and mediation. Utilizing our decades of experience, our highly trained mediation attorneys can negotiate terms on your behalf.

We know what it takes to reach suitable agreements with malleable opposition. For questions concerning mediation in family law, contact our legal office to schedule a consultation.

What you need to know about mediation and divorce in Florida

Mediation opens lines of communication and allows parties to explore all settlement options in order to resolve disputes. Mediation gives parties more control over the outcome of their case, normally allows the case to be resolved sooner, and can save on the overall expense involved in the case. You must file a Financial Affidavit with your case so that the fees can be established. All fees must be paid to the Clerk of Court in the county of filing, prior to the mediation.

Who will get what? Who will pay for what? Alimony — Will either party seek permanent alimony, lump sum alimony, or rehabilitative alimony for a specified time?

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Other Entitlements — Are there any other entitlements, such as retirement earnings, to be considered or divided? Shared Parenting Plan — If children were born or adopted during the marriage, what is an agreeable shared parenting plan? If the parties reach agreement on all issues and file a Marital Settlement Agreement prior to the mediation, they may request a waiver of mediation and refund of fees through the Clerk of Court.

If the court orders you to attend mediation, you will receive an Order of Referral to Family Court Mediation in the mail. Along with the court order will be a list of family mediators under court contract, who are trained in family mediation and certified by the Florida Supreme Court.

You should select a mediator from that list, and contact them to schedule mediation. If the parties cannot agree on a mediator from the list, Mediation Services at can assign one to their case.

What Is Mediation In A Florida Divorce Case? – FL Family Law Attorney Linda Gruszynski explains

You should contact the mediator right away to schedule the mediation. Per the court order, parties have a certain number of days to complete the mediation.

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When you call to schedule the mediation, make certain to inform the mediator of any pending Domestic Violence Injunctions involving you or the other party. If the mediation session results in a mediated settlement agreement, it will be filed with your case and copies provided to each party. You will then need to file a request for hearing to get a hearing date set, or further instructions to proceed with your case.

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