Family finds man living in attic

Castro, a man who'd been involved with the woman's minor daughter.

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Police say Castro had been living in the attic space and was coming down at night when the woman's daughter was in her room and had locked her bedroom door. Castro was charged with aggravated criminal trespassing and was warned not to have contact with the daughter. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop? Yes please Not now. News National.

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Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Tennessee mom finds man secretly living in attic above daughter's bedroom. Updated: As far as he was concerned, it was a normal night. Early on Tuesday morning, Wahlman awoke to strange noises.

My mom keeps a very clean attic, let me tell you. He decided to investigate, but when he tried to open the office door that leads to the attic, he discovered that it was locked.


He immediately began knocking on the door. That might seem like an unusual reaction, but Wahlman still believed that the intruder was one of his parents.

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Realizing that the woman might be mentally unstable, Wahlman called the police. He tried to keep the stranger from fleeing his home. Stay where you are, stay where you are.

Homeless Man Found Living in Attic After Virginia Woman Hears Noises Overhead - NBC4 Washington

Once outside, the woman asked if she could sit on the porch. Wahlman gave his permission, then kept talking with the police dispatcher. I looked the other way, then in a flash, she was just gone.

VIDEO: Man finds woman living in attic

When searching the house later, Wahlman found a busted window screen. While noting that he appreciates the Seattle police, Wahlman says that he was disappointed at their response time.

For their part, the police say that they dispatched an officer within four minutes of the report. Wahlman counters that emergency responders should work more quickly. Help me out, here! According to Wahlman, the woman was wearing gym warm-up pants and a black track jacket with a white hood. Besides, Wahlman said, his neighbors would have likely noticed the intrusion.


Shortly after the event, a locksmith replaced the locks in the home. Most people would consider the encounter frightening, but to Wahlman, it was more of an inconvenience. This type of thing probably happens all the time.

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