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In simple words "Hacking is a mean to steal precious information about a person or instituition and sometimes use these informations against them 'harmful? It's not that people don't take enough precautions, but the thing is you fix one problem, other problems would be created. This is never gonna end because hackers are as smart as the people who try to fix the problems or may be smarter.

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Since the invention of microcomputers the hacking has gone to heights. I don't consider hacking to be bad, as it finds out the flaws in a system.

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It's always the creative ideas from hackers which motivates the companies to come out with better products and at the same time it helps the mass to go to another level of knowledge. Having said about what hacking is, let's see what a simple computer network looks like : Above fig. You will see a window showing the IP address of the machine.

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Below is a picture of the actual window when u type in the command. See the second line where it shows the IP address of my computer. Let's not bother about the fields in the display for time being. I will discuss about them later.

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What if someone knows the IP address of my machine If someone knows the IP address of your computer, then he can find out your location and may be he is smart can get into your system. I forgot to tell you one more thing. This IP addresses are of two types, 1.

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  • Now I think He has doubt so now he is threatening me that tell me your identity I know some of the steps but im not sure.. How can i know the IP address of the person online in my yahoo messenger? How could I know the IP address of Black mail sender? How can I know if I am on someones messenger list? How can I change my IP address? How do I find the IP address of someone on Yahoo?

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    Best solution Can i know the IP address of the person who logged into yahoo messenger using my yahoo id? Answer: yes you can find his ip andress but hi must be logged and he must send you a file or something. Other solutions How can I get the IP address of any person using yahoo messenger while chatting? Answer: I think you should not ask such questions as it is both illegal and unethical.

    Answer: ask him to mail you something. Why do I go for days without having to sign in with my password, when like today I may have to sign in 4 times in 5 minutes, then an hour later, etc. Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

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